The sun speaks to us with the light,
with perfume and color the flower speaks,
with clouds, snow and rain speaks the air.
What we find unexplained
becomes clear and simple in the poem:
the flower laughs, the cloud rains,
the world makes sense, what is dumb speaks.
Hermann Hesse

The opinion is now consolidated that the design and construction of green spaces of any structure require specific professional competence.

The Studio NaturaProgetto was born in 1986 with the aim of devoting itself exclusively to the design of green areas.

From the condominium to the factory, from the school to the hospital, from the private house to sports equipment, the relationship between architecture and landscape raises from time to time technical and aesthetic problems to be solved with a correct environmental vision, otherwise the system will be impoverished. general.


The gardens and villas in Fiesole are almost all privately owned. Visits are organized every year by the Municipality of Fiesole before autumn, and on request by specialized guides coordinated by Ines Romitti.

Request information

For information on Styrian gardens concerning studies, publications, articles and photographic and video material.

Historical Research

Request a restoration and evaluation of green areas and gardens

Landscape recovery

Restoration and landscaping with mapping of green areas


Aerial photogrammetry service with drones – Photographic and video documentation of parks, green areas and gardens.


Studio Natura Progetto
Arch. Ines Romitti –

Via Giuseppe Sirtori, 1-3r 50137 FLORENCE
VAT number 03485660488


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