The project

The project

Going through the gardens is a project that aims to stimulate the understanding of this vast Italian environmental heritage and that landscape that shapes our beautiful country where, as in a schedule, the signs of our history and our culture can be read.

We want to offer a new opportunity and continue virtually with images and videos, to go to grasp the beauty, harmony and contemporary signs of the evolution of the landscape. Aware that to fully understand them it is necessary to attend them, breathe their atmosphere, scents, observe their colors, contrasts, light, and above all respect and safeguard them.

Andare Per Giardini is a project of documentation, enhancement and promotion of historical and contemporary gardens and Italian landscapes. It already collects numerous cards of residences and gardens widely documented, open and constantly updated with stories of protagonists, owners and artists who have worked or lived there, with a rich photographic presentation, videos and interviews.

These images can take us back in time towards the end of the 15th century, to the Veduta della Catena di Firenze with a view of the Fiesolano hill or to the Perspective view of Venice by Jacopo De Barbari with the orchards and gardens of Giudecca.

The initiative was sponsored by the Municipality of Florence and Fiesole, by the Tuscan AIAPP, by the Tuscan Historic Houses Association and by the European Garden Heritage Network.

In collaboration with the Giovanni Michelucci Foundation and the Primo Conti Foundation.

If you want to know more ask for the guidelines of the project.

    Ines Romitti, Alessio Guarino, Masatoshi Horii

    With contributions from:
    Donata Mazzini, Simone Martini, Barbara Bertoli, Marilù Cantarelli, Alessandro Rocca, Giovanni Gianfrate, Rocco Gangemi, Elisabetta Colombo, Laura Bianchi, Paolo Belardi.

    Special thanks to:
    Bernardo e Vittoria Gondi, Anna Porcinai, Angela Lees, Giorgio Pozzolini, Luca Gericke, Sophie Micol Fabiani, Luisa Oliva, Christian Gruessen, Ciabattini Cioni Alessandro, Dieter Schlenker, Caterina Borgioli, Ilaria Dini, Benedetta Isidori, Michela Fovanna, Anna Lombardi, Marco Mozzo, Amalia Corsi Continelli, Francesca Terrosi. 

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    In 2021, we documented about 120 mansions and gardens in Tuscany and around Italy. A photographic and video documentation accessible and usable on our portal. The use of new technologies allows us to create ever more faithful and engaging images, such as views from above capable of capturing the infinite combinations of shapes, views, geometries and the relationship between gardens and landscape in a dizzying synthesis.

    We hope that the Andare per Giardini project will become a reference platform for the study, research and promotion of Tuscan and Italian gardens, environment and landscape.

    Launch of the 2022 documentation campaign
    • The documentation campaign concerns the completion of the main historic houses and gardens of the
    • Tuscany Region, and of other areas of the Italian territory.
    • Building App / Guide
    • The launch of monographic publications
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