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Il Giardino di Villa Il Bosco di Fontelucente | Villa Peyron

Giardini Fiesolani

The villa and garden, surrounded by large grounds, face towards the south, with an enchanting view over Florence, bordered by Mount Ceceri and opening onto farmland planted with olive groves. Its name comes from a 16th century spring, situated further up the hill, whose natural fall supplies the 29 fountains. The garden is designed with three sloping terraces that are divided up by box hedges and lined with powerful spreads of cypress trees. The first terrace presumably dates from when the building was constructed, though its present aspect is the result of work carried out by the architect Ugo Giovannozzi. All the other improvements to the grounds, including the other terraces, are the result of years of enthusiastic work by Paolo Peyron, who recently donated the estate to the Bardini and Peyron Foundation of Monumental Parks, promoted by the Cassa di Risparmio Bank of Florence. Apart from the large number of fountains, which Peyron not only conceived but also assembled by using a mixture of old and modern elements from various sources, the garden is characteristic for its rich and silent population of statues, most of which come from the villas at Brenta in the Veneto area, destroyed during the First World War. They replaced the original sculptures in Impruneta terracotta that decorated the garden before it was damaged in the last war. The formal garden is arranged in such a way as to dialectically relate to the thick oak and conifer woods all around it which, as they are set out with a series of paths, places to sit and rest, statues, fountains and gazebos, make it a fascinating romantic park.

Ines Romitti



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Bardini & Peyron
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