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Hiroshi Iguchi's home experience


The first Millennium City Workshop (experiential learning) took place on November 23, 1998, and since then, on the first floor or higher, various themes have been explored every month. Many visions and dreams for the future were shared by numerous participants (cumulative total of over 10,000) in what was called the “Dreams and Future Discussion Meetings.” These discussions were then integrated, leading to the actual creation and operation of various ecology villages and more.

The process involved planning, design, management, lectures, relationships, maintenance, and extended to various fields such as agriculture, healthcare, food education, environment, science, construction, education, and more. Moreover, the knowledge gathered was truly practical, a collection of wisdom for daily life based on real-world practices.

To continue sharing the results of this collective wisdom and to contribute to mutual growth and happiness, from the 201st workshop onwards, the initiative has evolved into the new “Urban Creation Enthusiast Salon, Millennium City University.”

“Millennium City University” revolves around a program that goes through three significant content and stage phases. If you are interested, we eagerly await your participation.

1. **Learning Facts and Truths = Awakening**

2. **Dreams and Future Discussion Meetings = Distinguishing Selfish Desires**

3. **Achieving Personal and Collective Happiness = Training for the International Citizens Rescue Team**

For those who wish to know more about “Millennium City University,” please subscribe to ‘Recommendations for Urban Creation Enthusiasts’ (authored by Tetsujin Ni-amu, published by Earth Tribune).

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