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Theodore Waddell Architect | Fiesole VILLA WADDELL © ALESSIO GUARINO

During his time in Italy, Theodore Waddell absorbed the fundamental principles of organic architecture and contextual design under the guidance of Leonardo Ricci, a pioneer in using architecture as a tool for social and cultural expression. This influence is clearly visible in the Waddell Villa project, where every architectural element is designed to interact with the surrounding environment, respecting the history and landscape of Fiesole. The villa is distinguished by the use of local materials, such as pietra serena stone and wood, which contribute to creating a visual and tactile connection with the Tuscan tradition. The spacious interiors and exteriors, large windows, and careful solar orientation allow for a perfect integration between indoor and outdoor spaces, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding hills and the city of Florence.

Waddell Villa in Fiesole is an extraordinary architectural work created by the talented American architect Theodore Waddell, a student of the renowned architect Leonardo Ricci. Located on the hills of Fiesole, this villa represents a harmonious synthesis of contemporary innovation and Tuscan architectural tradition, born from Waddell's intensive studies in Florence.

Waddell Villa is not only an example of architectural mastery but also a tribute to the formative influence of Leonardo Ricci and Waddell's academic experience in Florence. The villa reflects a design philosophy that values harmony with nature, sustainability, and timeless beauty. villa Waddell in Fiesole | architecture itineraries