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The restoration work is based on a scientific and multidisciplinary approach, involving art historians, restorers, architects, and engineers, all committed to respecting and enhancing the original techniques and materials. Palazzo Spinelli is also home to the eponymous institute, which offers advanced courses in the restoration and conservation of cultural heritage. This institution plays a fundamental role in spreading the knowledge and skills necessary for the safeguarding of artistic heritage, not only in Italy but worldwide.

Palazzo Spinelli, located in the heart of Florence, represents a prominent example of the city's architectural and cultural heritage. Built in the 15th century by the noble Spinelli family, the palace is a jewel of the Italian Renaissance, characterized by elegant facades, spacious frescoed halls, and a rich inner courtyard. Over the centuries, the palace has hosted numerous historical events and notable figures, making it a living witness to the political, social, and artistic transformations of Florence. Today, Palazzo Spinelli is at the center of important restoration and conservation projects aimed at preserving its beauty and integrity for future generations. These interventions not only aim to repair the damage caused by time and the elements but also to restore public access to this extraordinary example of Renaissance architecture.

The restoration process of the palace itself thus becomes a living laboratory, where students and professionals can learn firsthand about the challenges and solutions related to the conservation of historical treasures. In summary, the restoration of Palazzo Spinelli represents not only an important work of architectural conservation but also an example of how the enhancement of historical heritage can become a catalyst for education and cultural growth in the community. palazzo spinelli | institute of art and restoration of Florence